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Sally & TJ married- Della Terra Chateau, Colorado



In December I had the opportunity to photograph this gorgeous wedding at Della Terra Mountain Chateau in Estes Park, Colorado with some amazing friends. Sally & Tj took VIP care of me and made me want to pack up my family and move back out west! I will let the images tell the story of their wedding.
DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0001DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0002View from my room. I could seriously wake up to this every morning. DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0003DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0004DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0011DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0006DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0007Wihera-126Can you say fabulous shoes? Sally got these custom designed just for her wedding.DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0009DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0010DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0011DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0012DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0013DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0014DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0015DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0016DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0017DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0018DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0019DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0020DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0021DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0022DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0023DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0024DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0025DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0026DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0027DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0028DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0029DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0030DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0031DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0032What a way to deliver the wedding rings- remote control cop cars by the ring bearers!DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0033DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0034DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0035DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0036DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0037
DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0038DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0039DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0040DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0041The wedding party were such troopers. Even though it was like 1 degree outside we snuck out literally for 10 minutes to capture a few images with the beautiful landscapes.DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0042DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0043DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0044DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0045DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0046Ok so we had to head back inside for a few minutes to warm up and get feeling back into our hands and feet. Then as Sally put it “Suck it up butter cup”  we headed right back out for a few images of the bride & groom. DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0047DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0048DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0049DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0050DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0051DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0052DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0053DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0054DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0055Sally & Tj- I adore you both. You two are the definition of true love. I want you both to know that my heart is filled with happiness to be part of your lives and have been so fortunate to spend the time together we have in the past year! I am looking forward to spending more time together this year! 🙂 I hear another road trip being planned already! xxooDellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0056DellaTerraChateau-WinterWedding_0060With both Sally & Tj being both in law enforcement and having a military back ground they dedicated a small table in a place of honor. It is set for one. This table is a way of symbolizing the fact that members of their profession of arms are missing from our midst. They are commonly called POWs or MIAs, we call them “Brothers.” They are unable to be with us this evening and so we remember them. The pastor stood before us all and gave us the meaning of this table and the symbolism  of each item on the table.


Venue: Della Terra Mountain Chateau //  Band: Trout Steak Revival //  Cupcakes: Sweet Daphane Confections //  Hair: Amanda from Reflection Hair Artisty //  Makeup: Sara Duffey

I am so incredibly excited to have this wedding featured on Luxe Mountain Weddings.  Check out the feature on their blog and more from the groom on wedding planning.
Luxe Mountain Weddings Colorado
Cheers & Happy Monday!


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