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Why are Get To Know You Sessions important?



In my wedding collection I include a engagement session or as I call them “Get To Know You Sessions.” Some couples may think they are not necessary but I on the other hand find that it is the most important process when finding the right photographer. When booking your wedding photographer is it very important to establish a relationship with your photographer. To feel comfortable with them, as if they were an old friend instead of just a vendor at your wedding.
Portraits are a very intimate moments. Some people can be very shy about having their photos done or might prefer a certain angle or side. I want to take that all away for my couples. I want them to look at your images and relieve how they felt at that moment in their images. I want them to be happy with the images because you have one chance to tell your wedding day story.  And if you do not like your photographer it is going to show in your images.  Here are a few tips as to why I encourage Get To Know You Sessions.
1. Establishing a relationship. Sometimes this is the first time I may meet my couples is at the Get To Know You Sessions. This is such a great way for us to really connect and to get a better understanding of each others personalities. Occasionally, we may meet up for a glass of wine or coffee before our session- chat about life, the wedding and sometimes sports (when I bring along my assistant cough my husband), the groom always enjoy talking sports and then gets his mind off of the session part. This is always a perfect way to warm up before getting my couples in front of the camera. I really want to know who they are, their styles and build that trusting relationship right from the start. Remember this is the one vendor who spends the majority of the day with you on your wedding day.
2. It’s all about you. Bring out your true personalities. Whether you are a formal or casual couple I want to create that setting for you. For my GTKYS I encourage my brides to get their hair and makeup done. If you look good you will feel good in front of the camera. Get glammed up and have some fun together as a couple for your session. Than later turn the day into a date night! 🙂
3. Choosing a location. I always have my couples choose their location for the session. Couples usually choose places that have meaning to them. Places where he proposed, a summer family cottage or a college campus where they met. If you enjoy wine, lets go to a vineyard for a tasting. I want you to feel relaxed in a setting you enjoy.
4. Practice makes perfect. Some poses that I use at these sessions I may use them again on the wedding day. It will feel more natural and real to you when I set up a scenario for you to cozy up to your love or whisper in her ear or snuggle into each other if you have already done it before. I will give them some direction than step away for my couples to interact with each other. During our session I will also get to know what looks best for you, angles, sides and what truly makes the image YOU.
5. Because art is a beautiful gift. These images are great to use for holidays, Save the Dates, guest books at the wedding, wedding websites and especially to display in your first home together as wall decor.
I hope this encourages all couples to vow to do a Get To Know You Session with their photographer. Have fun with it. Go out, dress up or go casual and make memories with your Mr/Mrs. Wedding photography is one of the most important decisions you will make in planning a wedding. After all these are the memories you will have to share with your children and your grandchildren.


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