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I am back at training for another half marathon. This year I’m running 2 separate halves. For me running is my stress reliever. It is what keeps me sane when I need to release energy or need to get some fresh air, out and away from the computer. Since having Hailey I have incorporated her in with my training and she enjoys it. I really love creating an active lifestyle with her too. We now have a routine when we run. I make sure I pack all the necessities plus some just in case we have a melt down which has only happened twice. (knock on wood)
Here is what I bring with me when Hailey and I hit the trails running.
1. Jogging stroller. This wasn’t easy for me at first because I like to have my hands free when running so this was a big adjustment for me. The added weight is much harder than running alone because of the added resistance. It definitely slowed me down a bit but in return is giving me a harder workout.  Make sure you have the right stroller. Do some research as to what you see fit for the type of activity you want to use it for.  A system stroller will not work, nor will those umbrella strollers. I have been on the hunt for the BOB Revolution Stroller on ebay. Right now I have the Baby Trend that you can get at your local Target and it works great!
2. Snacks, fruit or baby food pouches.  Plum Organic pouches or Happy Baby are some of my favs. I know now when traveling or doing a trip to expect the unexpected and over pack.

3. iphone. I keep my phone with me in case of emergency and for music. I used to use my headphones but now I put the iPhone in the cup holder for both of us to listen to and I can still hear Hailey if is she asks for something.  Plus she loves music you will sometimes catch her bopping her head around or clapping her hands to a certain song that comes on.

4. Fuel belt and gels. I absolutely hands down love this gadget. I hate to stop to reach for my water bottle when running and I can still be hands free. The Fuel Belt goes right around your waist, holds 2 or 3 water bottles and has a pouch for your gels. There are so many styles and colors for these. It’s a must now when I run. I use the Gu Energy Gels when I go on my long runs. These definitely give me a boost when I am struggling with my run. I take them at certain times when doing my long runs. My fav flavors are Espresso Love, Strawberry Banana and the Vanilla Bean.

5. Running app- I like to see how far I have gone when I train and my timing. I know that I am a minute slower pushing a stroller which I felt last year made me faster when I wasn’t pushing the stroller at the race.

6. Baby Sunblock. Now with the nicer weather I make sure Hailey is protected so she doesn’t get a sunburn on the trails. I do carry a hat and sunglasses but half the time she throws them off.

7. Water bottles for you and baby. Staying hydrated is key when doing any workouts. I know one thing I always forget to do is to drink water. Now I carry both of our bottles with us everywhere. It has turned into a habit. I know what is good for her must be good for me!
8. Baby toys and blankets. I pack books, small toys and a blanket just in case. I put all of these items in the basket under the stroller just in case. Having a melt down in the middle of your run is not fun. So I would rather be prepared than to have to head back or let her cry it out.

9. Baby whips and a diaper.  Just in case. Hey you never know right?
10. And lastly, bring a running buddy. If you run when no one is available make sure you run in an open area. Go to a school track or local park where it is not secluded. There are lots of “crazy’s” out there and we want you to be safe while training and having fun. I have heard wayyyyy too many scary stories (locally too)  so I just don’t take the chance. There is mace jogger pepper spray you can purchase to feel extra safe.
I hope this helps with either starting to stay active with your baby or continuing to. I am by far an expert with this area. This is just what works for me right now. Feel free to share any tips or what works best for you and working out with your little one.
instagram pics of my journey training. Follow me here on instagram.


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