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And just like that.



In a moments notice our lives changed on Sunday.
We sat outside, soaked up the sunshine and sipped on sangria. We blew bubbles. Played on the swing. Took pictures of the children playing. As we were waiting for guests to arrive at my in laws house to celebrate Easter together and do a Easter egg hunt outside for the kids we didn’t know that was about to happen would have changed the scene completely. What was supposed to be a beautiful day turned out to be a day of  lifeless and hopelessness.
We heard a loud crashed, saw metal flying in the air and than come around the house to see a motorcycle torn to pieces on the ground by the driveway to see 15 feet away a young man who just hit a tree lay there lifeless. We ran to check to see if he had a pulse but by the looks of it he unfortunately did not make it and passed away on impact, And just like that he was gone. No one at the house saw exactly what happened but we all called 911 multiple times and waited for the first responders to arrive asap.  A young man who was just enjoying the fresh air on his bike and just like that, gone. A young man who was a father of 2 young children, a husband, a son, a friend and a military veteran and just like that, gone. The other biker who was riding with this young man, called the wife and all you could hear was her screaming on the phone. To have to make that call, To have to hear those words, Our stomachs flipped, Our hearts sank. We all stood around not knowing what to do and speechless while waiting for help to arrive.
We distracted the children in the backyard and were lucky that the guests were running late. What ifs began running through my mind. What if we were in the front yard doing the Easter Egg hunt and the motorcycle hit one of us? What if the gas tank that flew near the front bush hit one of the children? What if he wore a helmet would he have survived?
I know this is not a pleasant thing to blog about but it reminds me again to be thankful each day. Be blessed to be alive. Let go of the nonsense. Enjoy what you have right in front of you at this very moment. This unexpected moment keeps running through our minds on how there was nothing we could do for that poor man.  I was hoping it was going to be like the movies and he was going to get back up.
And just like that he was gone.


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