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Lauren & Alex- St. John Destination Wedding



Elias_StJohnWedding_01Elias_StJohnWedding_02Elias_StJohnWedding_03Elias_StJohnWedding_04Elias_StJohnWedding_05Elias_StJohnWedding_06Elias_StJohnWedding_07Elias_StJohnWedding_08Elias_StJohnWedding_09Elias_StJohnWedding_86Elias_StJohnWedding_93Elias_StJohnWedding_10Elias_StJohnWedding_11Yes we did. We ICED the groom and his groomsmen’s. This was an on going event that happened frequently and unexpectedly throughout our trip. Elias_StJohnWedding_14Elias_StJohnWedding_15Elias_StJohnWedding_16Elias_StJohnWedding_17Elias_StJohnWedding_18Elias_StJohnWedding_19Elias_StJohnWedding_20Elias_StJohnWedding_21Elias_StJohnWedding_22Elias_StJohnWedding_23Elias_StJohnWedding_24Elias_StJohnWedding_25Elias_StJohnWedding_26Elias_StJohnWedding_27Of course they would ICE the ladies before walking down the aisle.Elias_StJohnWedding_28Elias_StJohnWedding_29The rain held off for 1 hour for us to have the wedding at Trunk Bay. That’s all we needed. Elias_StJohnWedding_30The damper groom waiting his bride. Elias_StJohnWedding_31Elias_StJohnWedding_32Elias_StJohnWedding_33Elias_StJohnWedding_34Elias_StJohnWedding_35Elias_StJohnWedding_36Elias_StJ
ohnWedding_37Elias_StJohnWedding_38Elias_StJohnWedding_39Elias_StJohnWedding_40Elias_StJohnWedding_41Elias_StJohnWedding_42Elias_StJohnWedding_43Elias_StJohnWedding_44Elias_StJohnWedding_45Elias_StJohnWedding_46Elias_StJohnWedding_47Elias_StJohnWedding_48First time I have ever photographed a wedding when the bride & groom get ICED after they wed.  It was epic to say the least. Elias_StJohnWedding_51Elias_StJohnWedding_52Elias_StJohnWedding_53Elias_StJohnWedding_54Elias_StJohnWedding_55Elias_StJohnWedding_56Photobomb.
Elias_StJohnWedding_57Elias_StJohnWedding_58Elias_StJohnWedding_59Elias_StJohnWedding_60Elias_StJohnWedding_61Elias_StJohnWedding_62Elias_StJohnWedding_63Elias_StJohnWedding_64Elias_StJohnWedding_65Elias_StJohnWedding_66Elias_StJohnWedding_67Elias_StJohnWedding_68Elias_StJohnWedding_69Elias_StJohnWedding_70Elias_StJohnWedding_71Elias_StJohnWedding_72Elias_StJohnWedding_73Elias_StJohnWedding_74Elias_StJohnWedding_75Elias_StJohnWedding_76Elias_StJohnWedding_78Elias_StJohnWedding_79Elias_StJohnWedding_80Elias_StJohnWedding_81Elias_StJohnWedding_82Elias_StJohnWedding_83Elias_StJohnWedding_84LaurenAlex-StJohnElias_StJohnWedding_87Elias_StJohnWedding_88Elias_StJohnWedding_91Elias_StJohnWedding_89Elias_StJohnWedding_90Elias_StJohnWedding_85Lauren & Alex, I am completely over the moon in love with you both. Thank you for inviting me to be part of your circle of family and friends. This destination wedding was more that just a wedding. It was about two families coming together to create memories with their “A-List peeps”. I had a chance to create friendships that I know I will continue with and adore. We all got to know one another in such a short period of time while other got to catch up on life in between, crack jokes, some even get ICED and everyone made each other feel like family. This trip was by far the best destination wedding I have been part of. I wish you both the best of what life has in store for you. I’m excited for your journey.
Cheers, Stacey

Hair Stylist: Michelle @ Grapevine  // Florist: Passion Flower  //  Reception: Daydreamer // Rehearsal Dinner: Motu //  Resort:  Grand Bay  // Cake: Holly @ VI Desserts  // Welcome bags: Anchor & Helm (website coming soon!) company of the bride & mother of the bride


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