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We have been holding out on sharing this news with you all for quite some time now.  Finally we are ready to share.

The Trottier’s are building a Tiny home. And not just any home. We are building a tiny home on a trailer.


At first this was a crazy idea I had in my head for sometime.  I started reading blogs, researching on how to do this. I had seen others downsize their homes and create more financial freedom for their family and loved it. We tooled around with the idea, going back and forth on the pros & cons and if this was for us. The pros started out weighing the cons and it just made sense. This tiny home would allow us to cut our bills into more than half and we could live a better life living with less. Joe & I were really intrigued with the lifestyle we could create and how it would give us more financial independence. We want to be able to do more as a family rather than have more and not be able to do anything. Joe and I both love to travel and this would give us so much more opportunity to do so.

We went to work researching on what it would take to build our own tiny home. We looked at numerous house layouts did some research on electric, plumbing, heat,water hook ups and all of the logistics of building on a trailer. We referenced blogs such as Tumbleweed Tiny House, Tiny House Talk, and The Tiny Life.

We are about to downsize our living area to under 500 sq ft., pretty scary I know! We both just keep reminding ourselves of the why. Financial freedom, retirement savings ( what’s that? says small business owners ) and to build our dream home mortgage free. Yup, Mortgage free!  We are selling, donating and getting rid of most of currently belongings. We are starting off fresh, living simple, living with less to create a better lifestyle.  The Tiny home movement is growing and is really up and coming these days. Have you seen the tv show Tiny House Nation? We are going small but not the smallest! When deciding on building a tiny home we wanted to make use of as much space as possible especially for Hailey and our 2 dogs.

There is so much more I want to share with you on our progress which I will do in upcoming blog posts! Joe has been doing all of the building while I am more of a second set of hands! We have had tremendous support from my family who watch Hailey when ever need be and Joe’s family who will do the same and who are also allowing us to build on their piece of land.
At first, some thought and probably think we are crazy but that does not bother me especially when we see the fast progress  of our tiny home. Tiny homes are not for everyone and that is ok, it’s a lifestyle. We are really excited for this home to come together. The project has not been an easy one but I think it is safe to say it will be a rewarding one! We are challenging ourselves in so many aspects- building on a goose neck trailer and how we work together as a team. Knowing that we are doing this to create a more balanced life and that WE paid for it with our hard earned money. I can not thank my Mr. enough who keeps us all going. If it wasn’t for his hard work, dedication, encouragement and endless work days that he puts in we wouldn’t have taken this risk or have made this all possible.

Less house. More home.


 I have been documenting our build since the start. I will be posting more images on instagram using the hashtag #trottiertinyhome.
There you can see the progress of our tiny home all in one place.
From an idea to the final product. 



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