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I read this article recently about Trying Out Slow Parenting. This article hit close to home. It made me realize that this is exactly what I do every day. I rush to try to get everything done in one day. Instead of enjoying the moment, slowing down and letting  my kids enjoy life. Accepting the fact that there is always tomorrow to do whatever doesn’t get done.
Lately, I have had the worst case of anxiety that I have ever had. To be completely honest with you, I’m all over the place. I mean I have been in this serious funk that I can not seem to get out of. I have been trying to figure out ways to manage my time better with business, being a mom of two and a attentive wife as well. It’s hard working from home and actually getting work done. Sometimes I want to stay in bed because I feel utterly overwhelmed on what I need to get done for the day and how I am going to complete it all. I go through my normal routine 5:30-6am wake up with Joe. Yes, I am still that wife who makes him his breakfast (egg sandwiches), coffee and lunch for work. Before anything else I make sure I pour a large cup of coffee then move on- pump for Jax, nurse Jax, change Jax, feed Hailey and potty train Hailey in between the mix, glance at my emails while Hailey eats and respond but that usually takes all day. Editing, I attempt to do when I have Hailey napping. I usually can multi task with Jax awake. Then dinner time with the family, baths and squeeze some quiet time in with Joe before I go back editing or pass out on the couch. Then Repeat.
This article made me realize that the small things in life aren’t finishing the laundry or rushing through Hailey from playing. It’s managing time for what we have in front of us. Spending more family time together. My children mean everything to me. And when Hailey closes my laptop and tells me to stop working so we can color, paint her nails or play outside it breaks my heart that I am working and not paying attention to her. Then I get mad because I couldn’t finish a simple task like an email. Work will come but I need to keep work separate from family time. The last thing I want is for my kids to remember Mom being a hot mess all the time and grouchy. I want to be the free spirited woman I was before. The whateva kinda gal. Let it go gal. The only live once gal.
This month I told myself I am going live life through my kids and slow down. Not over schedule our lives and block off times for family and for business.  I have always been the type of person to be on the go and always have to be doing something. I don’t like to feel rushed and want my children to have an enjoyable childhood. Soon these days won’t be here. Joe always reminds me that you don’t know what tomorrow will bring and to enjoy today. Enjoy what we have because theft is the world is a scary place. Have you seen the news lately? Soon I won’t have Hailey hugging my side or wanting to lay near me and Jax will only be this small for so long. I am challenging myself as well as other moms and mompreneurs out there to slow down too. Take in the simplest of tasks. Go for long slow walks and not rush, let the kids enjoy bath time even if it takes an hour long, build puzzles together, don’t multitask. Breathe. Maybe some me time in there.  This one is going to be hard for me. Guess I should lay off the caffeine too, huh? No not really! I couldn’t. Better yet through in a run or some exercise in this all.
I know life isn’t perfect and a lot goes hand in hand being entrepreneurs.
Life is precious and always fast paced. So here’s so slowing down and building a family lifestyle with quality.
Happy weekend my friends! We are off to enjoy this long weekend and heading to the fair.
slowdownThis morning Hailey wanted to hold Jax. She held his hand while singing an Ariel song to him. These are the moments I skip by because I am not slowing down.


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